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Atha Yoganushasanam – Now  The Study of Yoga Begins!

Its a privilege to be heir to a lineage that has been passed down through the generations. Yoga is not something you do, it is a state of mind. The asana/posture is one of the eight limbs of yoga, and a significant part of the yoga path to purify your body.  The other limbs take us on a journey to purify the mind, raise our awareness, and help us to realize our true potential. 

Yoga is so much more then a posture

Yoga = Union 

This is the Union or Connection with your breath, connection with yourself…connection with the divine…with nature…and to all living things. We are all connected! We believe that Yoga is a sacred gift passed on by master yogis and scientists. The systems that were scientifically designed many years ago, were carefully created to promote both restoring the body and transforming the mind. That is evident through the millions of people worldwide that have been healed from disease, injury, obesity, and mental illness for centuries!  See the lineage of our Yoga School below with Teacher and Director, Stephanie Howard.


Teacher Training

If you are ready to become a yoga teacher, we have created a special program just for you. This is a comprehensive Teacher Training program where you will dive deep into the heart of yoga, and come out with a new perspective, a greater sense of self, and a wisdom that will be with you the rest of your life.If you are interested in becoming a certified yoga instructor, this is the path for you. Take your time or do it all at once. 

Upon completion you will have earned your 200-hour RYT certification. 

Learning Center for Students

Yoga Training is not just for yoga teachers. Everyone can benefit from learning about yoga philosophy, and knowing the postures more specifically to your body. Which path is right for you? Through a series of modules you can customize the training to fit your needs. If you are interested more in the physical practice, join us for the 4 postures clinics.  If you are eager to learn about yoga philosophy and the more subtle aspects of yoga then sign up for those modules. OR  do the entire 8 part series and get it all. Go deeper into your practice and learn the philosophy behind the practice as well as how to properly execute each posture. 

View All 8

1. Hatha Standing Posture Clinic

2. Ayurveda

3. Hatha Floor Posture Clinic

4. Yoga Philosophy & 8 Limbs

5. Ashtanga Standing Posture Clinic

6. Chakras

7. Ashtanga Floor Posture Clinic

8. Meditation


Teaching and Certification

We have provided hundreds of yoga instructors with the vital tools they need to succeed. Join our current alumni in the vast field of yoga.



We are the Original Yoga School

in the Yakima Valley. 


Our training is reasonably priced and flexible to make sure that you can pursue yoga at your pace. 


Upon completion of the course, you will receive a respected certificate of teaching. 

Instruction with Depth

This is the most comprehensive teacher training in the West. It is rare to study both lineages that are most prevelent in Western Culture. We are not blending the two together, or diluting it. Instead, we are maintaining the essence of the two systems, while respecting and honoring the brilliant teachers and scholars that have come before us. All the dots will begin to connect when you see the history of western yoga unfold, through these scientifically designed methods side-by-side. .


Learn About Ashtanga

What is Ashtanga Yoga?

This yoga system consists of 6 series. The Ashtanga Primary (First Series) is designed to restore the body to its original state, which can take a lifetime for some people.  You progress through the original “Mysore Style” at your own pace.  Additional postures are given  based on the students ability. The first series is very beneficial at opening the hips and hamstrings.  2nd series is more beneficial to the spine. This method is also where the modern day vinyasa (breath based) practice is derived from. Most likely if you are practicing this modern western style of yoga, it is primarily for fitness or exercise.  Many of the benefits are lost when the sequence and postures are changed, as is the magic.  Sometimes in America, we think we can improve a flawless system. 

Learn About Hatha

What is Hatha?

Hatha includes all yoga postures, regardless of style and sequencing. 


The Lineage

We teach from the lineage of Parahamsa Yogananda, often referred to as the “Father of Yoga” in the West. He was th author of Autobiography of a Yogi, one of the worlds most acclaimed spiritual texts.  A movie was recently made depicting his life, called “Awake“.  

His younger brother and devoted student Bishnu Ghosh, founder of Ghosh College of India, Physical Culture, was ultimately the choreographer of the 84 Hatha postures (advanced), and 26 Hatha postures (beginning).  It was created purposefully to heal the spine, knees, and nervous system.  Millions of people across the world have benefited from this method. Particularly if the postures are kept in the order they were designed.  The magic…the healing…takes place close to the source. This is the lineage of “hot” yoga. The heated room is used particularly in beginning class because beginners are not expected to do sun salutations YET. Therefore, the heat aids in warming up the body.

Yoga used to be prescription based, one-on-one with your teacher.  You were given certain postures to practice daily, for whatever ailment or injury you were experiencing.  The sequence of 26 and 84 postures, were scientifically designed to include or encompass the majority of complains or issues, particularly by westerners. This is not just about muscles and flexibility.  The nervous system and endocrine system are stimulated and affected. The list of benefits goes on and on.  Read the testimonies on the practice. The particular choreography of the postures is essential to receive the benefits, because each posture leads to the next.  I can’t stress this enough.  In the West, we like to be creative and reinvent things.  But we don’t have lifetimes of study of the human anatomy and physiology to be making these changes. Yoga never used to be this way.  Sure, It’s ok if you are looking for a good “workout”.  If you want the cumulative effect that yoga has to offer, then trust the system and rely on the science behind it.  “It will heal your sick body, fix your screw loose brain, and find your lost souls”  Bikram  (Devoted student of Bishnu Ghosh)​

Looking to get Started?

A Life Changing Experience is Waiting

Yoga is so much more than a posture.  Once you integrate your body, mind, and spirit, it becomes a lifestyle.  We actually live yoga…on and off the mat.