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Stephanie Howard

Founder Yoga Hot Spot Studios and Director Hot Spot Yoga School

I found Yoga in 2009 when I was weak, tired, and in pain. By the time I was 30 my spine was beginning to compress, primarily in my lower back but also in my neck. I became a regular with PT, chiropractor, and the pain clinic with injections into my spine to control the pain. When I finally got the news there was no hope, I was destined for surgery, my competitive nature kicked in and I decided to FIGHT. After much research and prayer…I was off to Yoga School, where I believed I could heal my crumbling spine. It wasn’t easy at first, but it was different than the usual debilitating pain. After 2 weeks, I started to feel strength in my back and core, I had never felt before. That was only the beginning of my journey to healing. Yoga has changed my life. I am now pain free. Teaching yoga and training new teachers is my passion …it has replaced my “need for speed”, and it has led me to YOU.

I have learned from Manju Jois,Carlo Giorno, Tim Miller, and Kino McGregor, David Williams, Andre Lappa, Edward Clark, Ali Valdez and many other wonderful teachers who have gone before me. I am committed to passing on the lineage with integrity