Yoga Hot Spot – Yakima, WA



  • Go to MINDBODY online and find a class to register for.
  • Existing Students, you are already in our system. Signup by logging in or by entering your name and create a login. 
  • New Students setup a new account, then signup for class.
  • Then you will receive an email with link to join the class within 1 hour of class start time.  
  • Make sure you have a valid email saved in MINDBODY app or software The streaming service we are using is “Zoom”. Do not upgrade. You don’t need a hosting site. Just join free as an attendee.
  • This is providing a way for our yoga community to stay connected.
  • We have recorded classes available by request.
  • We are going to get through this.
  • Lets do it Yakima.